15 Secret Money-Making Websites That Pay You to Work from Anywhere

Looking to make some extra cash online? Well, you are in for a treat! We have rounded up 15 awesome yet secret money-making websites in 2024 that can help you do just that without hampering your schedule. Oh, here you must note that these websites are a great option if you want to quit your job and just sit in front of your laptop doing online entrepreneurship.  From simple tasks like secret shopping and writing to more interesting gigs like making videos and even selling foot pics – there is something for everyone. Let us explore these easy and fun ways to boost your income right from the comfort of your own space. Ready to dive in?

1. BestMark - Elevating Mystery Shopping

BestMark takes mystery shopping to a new level by providing individuals with the chance to evaluate free meals or services. The concept is simple: share your experiences, provide valuable feedback, and contribute to the improvement of customer service. In return, you get to enjoy complimentary services and earn money. BestMark offers diverse payment options, including direct deposit, PayPal, referral bonuses, or gift cards.

Compensation: $7-$20 (for beginners)

Official Website: 

2. Gigwalk - Tasking Your Way to Earnings

Gigwalk is a brand intelligence platform that offers a range of tasks you can perform in your local area. Whether it is testing apps, verifying addresses, or capturing photos of local businesses, Gigwalk provides a flexible way to earn money based on your skills and schedule. It is a simple and effective way to turn your spare time into extra income.

Compensation: $100-$300 based on the task complexity

Official Website: 

3. Medium - Monetizing Your Words

For those passionate about writing, Medium stands out as a platform that allows you to monetize your words. While the application process may pose a hurdle, once accepted, the potential for additional monthly income awaits. Share your thoughts, experiences, and expertise with a global audience, and watch as your articles gain traction and generate revenue. 

Compensation: $5-$13 ($10000+ for writers 100000 followers)

Official Website: 

4. Rumble - Lights, Camera, Paycheck

Rumble is a video platform, web hosting, and cloud services business similar to YouTube. By uploading your videos, you not only gain exposure but also have the potential to make money. Partner collaborations with companies like Xbox or Yahoo can further enhance your earning potential, making Rumble an attractive platform for content creators seeking diverse revenue streams.

Compensation: $50 ($100 if the video gets published on the home page)

Official Website: 

5. Side Hustle Database - A Multitude of Opportunities

The Side Hustle Database serves as a valuable resource for those seeking various online gigs. From selling birthday cards to teaching English, the platform offers a plethora of options, allowing individuals to explore different avenues and find a side hustle that aligns with their preferences and skills.

Compensation:$100K per year

Official Website: 

6. Sweatcoin - Fitness Meets Finances

Sweatcoin introduces an innovative approach to earning money by rewarding users for their daily exercise. Every step you take converts into virtual currency, which can be spent on items from various brands or even cashed out. This unique app not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but being one of the unique secret websites to make money, it also provides a distinctive way of staying physically active.

Compensation: 100 sweatcoins daily (or say double sweatcoins for each step)

Official Website: 

7. Teachable - Educate and Earn

Teachable empowers educators and knowledgeable individuals to earn money by creating and selling online courses, digital downloads, or coaching services. The platform takes care of course delivery and payment processing, allowing content creators to focus on designing their courses and setting their own prices.

Compensation: Up to $10,000 monthly or more 

Official Website: 

8. O2OStays - Flip Nights for Profit

O2OStays is one of the other secret money-making websites that offers a platform for buying, selling, and trading nights to properties globally. By purchasing discounted nights and reselling them on the marketplace, individuals can turn a profit. The integration with Airbnb enhances visibility, providing an opportunity to reach a broader audience and increase the chances of selling nights for a profit.

Compensation: Depends on the plan created

Official Website: 

9. ListVerse - Crafting Lists for Cash

ListVerse presents an intriguing opportunity for writers to earn $100 per list of at least 10 items. Whether you are an expert or not, as long as you have a sense of humor and a love for the unusual, your lists can find a place on the front page of ListVerse, reaching millions of readers.

Compensation: $100 per article

Official Website: 

10. DigitalOcean - Technical Writing for Tech Enthusiasts

DigitalOcean invites technical writers to contribute tutorials on installing or configuring open-source software on various Linux distributions. Offering $50 per tutorial, DigitalOcean aims to build a comprehensive collection of well-written articles. Becoming an official DigitalOcean Community Writer provides quick payments and publication within a week.

Compensation: $50 for each published post on their blog

Official Website: 

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11. Scribie - Transcription at Your Convenience

Scribie offers freelance transcription opportunities, allowing individuals to work at their convenience and earn $5 to $20 per audio hour. The process involves listening, correcting automated transcripts, and getting paid through a verified PayPal account.

Compensation: Up to $800 per month for beginners and up to $3200 per month for skilled typists. 

Official Website: 

12. FeetFinder: A Unique Money-Making Avenue

Have you ever considered selling foot pictures for profit? Enter FeetFinder, an online platform that lets you list your feet, pictures, and videos for sale. While it might seem unconventional, selling foot pictures can be surprisingly profitable. For a small annual fee, you can connect with interested buyers and earn anywhere from $5 to $50+ per piece. It is a discreet and passive way to add to your income stream.

Compensation: $5 to $1000 per piece

Official Website: 

13. – Easy Money for Testing Websites and Apps is a platform that pays users to test websites and apps, providing valuable feedback to improve user experiences. With each test taking just 20 minutes, users can earn up to $10 per session. It is one of the simple and convenient secret websites to make money online while contributing to the enhancement of digital platforms.

Compensation: Up to $10 per test

Official Website: 

14. Cliqly: Monetizing Your Emails for Extra Income

Cliqly takes a fresh approach to email marketing by offering cash rewards. As a Cliqly user, you gain access to 5,000 free email subscribers to kickstart your marketing journey. The process is straightforward – send daily emails, and Cliqly compensates you based on the link clicks generated. Earn a solid 10 cents per click when your subscribers engage with embedded affiliate offers. What sets Cliqly apart is its simplicity – it provides pre-written draft emails, making it easy to send engaging content and earn commissions. Plus, the referral program allows you to earn a 100% commission on upgrade fees from those you refer.

Compensation: $131 to $243 per day 

Official Website: 

15. TaskRabbit: Customize Your Task-Based Earnings

TaskRabbit connects task seekers with task completers, offering a unique opportunity to earn money. Whether it is cleaning, moving, or providing handyman services, you set your own rates and choose the tasks you want to complete. TaskRabbit provides a personalized and flexible way to earn income based on your skills and preferences.

Compensation: $500+ a month

Official Website: 

In the end,

As we wrap up this exploration of the best secret money-making websites in 2024, remember that the digital era has unlocked endless possibilities for those seeking to turn their laptops into income-generating machines. From traditional tasks to unconventional pursuits, the online world is yours to conquer. So, why wait? Dive into these websites, embark on your unique online adventure, and let your laptop be the gateway to a world where your skills and interests translate into tangible income. 

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