5 Benefits of Social Media & Digital Marketing for Politicians

Ever heard that ‘autowala’ or ‘rickshaw wala’ travelling on the alleyways with those speakers saying ‘suno, suno, suno’ and then continuing promoting the concerned political party, on their behalf? 

Well, you might find it funny today but it was (and is still used) one of the effective methods of political and election advertising before the advent of the Social Media Marketing for Business or say politics. This is used to let people know about what the particular political party, representative or candidate has done during the past few years and what one can expect from them in future.

But, in the contemporary world, advertising or communication through these obsolete mediums have been replaced with the vogue of Social Media and Digital Marketing. 

With this evolved several political Digital Marketing Agencies in Punjab (India) as well as abroad. These agencies may plan cut-throat social media focussed digital marketing strategies for politicians or political campaigns or your product branding.

Yet, what are the other benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist in Amritsar (Punjab)? Initially, he focuses on maintaining your presence over the media with every little and positive aspect, through emailers, text messages, social media posts, etc. 

Additionally, you start getting more popular than ever as some news or just a single update on your behalf is always on the news feed of the general public. And, people start following you!

All in all, your ‘brand awareness’ becomes the utmost priority of the political social media or Digital Marketing Strategist, because they know how to harness the power of the internet.

Now, besides this, what are the 5 main benefits that make social media and digital marketing important not just for any business but politicians? Let’s discuss!

1. It Can Get You Maximum Electorate in Minimum Time

No wonder a single positive message can attract people’s attention to follow you overnight. Isn’t it? This is what social media does. 

When, during a political campaign, the strategist posts a Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Ad or any other medium of advertising over the social media platforms with some catchy taglines for your post, it starts reaching the maximum audience. 

Specifically, when an advert is set to hit a certain age group, it is likely to get more admirers on your side. Because, when someone reads something captivating, it automatically forces them to click on it. Hence, this results in gaining the number of electors in less time.  

2. Because Social Media is a Vital Source of Information

Social media has sprung up as a leading source of news updates on social or personal aspects, among the online users who progressively access it on their mobiles, laptops, computers, etc., regardless of any products or services offered by a business or even a political party. 

Hence, Social Media undoubtedly is an ocean of information. When we admire someone we follow him on social media because almost every single person is active over there (just like you might have been redirected to this blog through a WhatsApp share :D).

3. Brand Awareness

Everyone is crazy about the popular Adidas, Gucci, Chanel and other renowned brands. Meaning that people are somewhat aware of these brands and promptly buy when they find a perfect one for themselves (depending upon their pocket). 

Would you also, want such a quick response by your customers or clients for your ongoing or a newly launched product? Consider hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Amritsar like Green Apple media Solutions and embrace more footfall within months.

Now, talking about politicians, political campaigns should also be put forward just like a marketer would. 

Organizing political campaigns online will assist the politicians in becoming more popular among the general people (actually the voters). With this, they will start getting an idea of what the politician wants to convey with his political position. 

4. Digital Advertising Helps

When the term ‘digital advertising’ comes, we end up thinking about social media itself. Right? No! Digital Advertising is beyond that. It does not only revolve around WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but also other forms of online marketing. 

This includes Google Advertising; Email Marketing, Banner Ads; Search Engine Optimized blogs, articles; Mobile Marketing (consisting of SMS, MMS, emails, mobile applications, and a few more); etc.  

For better understanding, it is just like newspaper or television advertising but with a higher level of reaching & attracting more audiences digitally. As it is assumed that everyone uses a mobile phone, digital advertising can be fruitful.

5. It is useful in Engaging the Youth

It is said that the young generations are easy to mould to any situation. Hence, the Digital Marketing Strategist will make a plan for your political campaigning which may include online polling for a specific question, a task or even a suggestion. These polls can be created on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 

This can be added for a political party or a candidate. The social media polls can be considered as one of the best ways to understand what the youth think (about whatever is being asked, for a politician or maybe for a political party). Also, it is a quick and easy method of conducting surveys in the present-day, on social media. They’re to conduct. 

This is not it. There are different other ways to communicate with the electorates nowadays, effectively. Thanks to the Digital Marketing Agencies in Punjab-like Green Apple Media Solutions (GApple), specifically using social media focussed advertising for the politicians. 


You must be aware that besides being a notable political representative or candidate, you need to organise better Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns in Punjab (India), keeping branding as well as success in focus; using numerous ways to reach out to the general public, specifically social media. 

I, Gursharan Singh, at Green Apple Media Solutions, specialize in creating and running successful Digital Marketing Campaigns not only for different businesses but for politicians as well, in India. Here, my team focuses on the target audience which can be crucial for you to attain your potential voters’ attention. 

So, do you want to acquire more votes or the clients this year? Consider using Social Media Marketing for Business with me to maintain your online reputation and help your voters by giving reasons why they should choose you!

GS Athwal
(Digital Marketing Specialist)

Having a remarkable track record of 10+ years of experience in the industry. 

I excel in managing marketing campaigns to drive effective business solutions for my clients that let them leave a lasting impression on their targeted audiences through digital platforms.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I proudly lead Green Apple Media Solutions and have successfully assisted many national and international brands as well as politicians, establishing a strong online presence.

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