11 Tips and Techniques for SEO Content Writing

Do you wonder why you need SEO Content Writing Tips? Let me answer this question!

Being a content writer, just giving a piece of information over the internet does not make sense. Rather, your provided information or the content, whether you are writing it for your client or for yourself, must be available on a search engine’s (here, I am targeting Google) first page.

But, without SEO your content can not reach your audience or may lose somewhere on google pages. So, it is important to know the relation between SEO and content writing. SEO has a huge role in ranking the content on google with some tips and techniques. 

So, here are the top 11 strategies on how to write proper SEO content that can help you to attract a large audience and rank your content at the top. 

1. Keep the Audience as Your Priority

It is always said that if you want to attract a large audience to your work, you need to do that work as the audience likes. Similarly, you need to make the audience your priority by writing content as they want. 

This is always kept in mind that the first line of the content should be attractive as most of the audience attracts when they read the initial line of the content. 

2. Research About the Content in Depth

Being an SEO content writer it is your duty to have an appropriate and extensive knowledge about specific content before writing it. To have great knowledge about what you are going to write, you need to first research on that topic properly. 

Without any information or being a stranger toward a particular topic that you want to write about is not a good thing. So, always do proper research on the topic in detail. 

3. Make an Attractive Title of the Content

Along with the first line of the content that must be attractive, the title also needs to be alluring to catch the audience in bulk. The heading of the content should be perfect and tells the readers what content holds the information regarding which particular topic. 

In this way, you can enchant the audience with your content. 

4. Use Simple But Unique Writing

The writing of your content should be simple that contains simple words, and short sentences but, also should be unique which means you have to write something different from what others are writing in their content. 

By doing so, your content becomes perfect and also a huge audience can attract to your content. Google can also rank your blog or an article organically if it has written with simple and unique writing. 

5. Embed The Keywords Appropriately

The embedding of keywords accurately in the content plays an important role in SEO content writing. Use relevant and appropriate keywords in your content’s title and throughout the content. 

But, this should be kept in mind that the keywords should not repeat in the whole content again & again. Using the keywords according to the right density makes the content more natural & powerful, and can rank on google easily. 

6. Keep the Structure of Your Content Perfect

Writing content needs an appropriate structure to let your audience understand every detail of the topic. Before writing content, make a rough structure of the content that helps you to direct how to write an article or blog. 

Writing content using tags such as H1 & H2 for heading and subheadings, respectively makes the content suitable. Moreover, using bullet points or numerical points makes the content more effective and easy to read. 

So, always keep the structure of your content exquisite or ideal. 

7. Insert Images & Videos in Your Content

Do you remember reading pre or primary school books in your childhood? Imagine those books without illustrations. You would not have learnt ‘A for Apple’ very easily. 

Or, you must not have developed your literacy and language skills as a child through those visual roadmaps of the ‘Thirsty Crow’, ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ and many other moral-based stories. 

Similarly, writing content for your digital audience, may it be for a 5-year kid or a Ph. D scholar, without adding any image makes it boring or unimaginative. 

So, inserting a proper image such as infographics or can use videos along with reliable information written, is one of the most powerful SEO Content Writing Techniques that brings creativeness to the content. 

Hence, always try to put images and videos to make your content more alluring. 

8. Keep Checking on Your Activity

Keeping a check on your activity helps you to know how much your content reached your audience and how much they are pleased with your content. 

You can check your activity through how much you got likes, shares, views, and comments on your content. Additionally, you can also see the ranking status of your content. 

9. Proofread Your Work

The most important thing when finishing writing content is that after writing you should edit or proofread the work even if you are an expert in writing content. Sometimes, errors like grammar errors, word choice, errors in the sentence, etc. can be seen. 

Therefore, to avoid such writing issues that make the content not perfect, check or edit the content after writing it. 

10. Add Content-friendly Links

You need to add links to your blog to get a ranking on google. Links can be added with images or videos in the content, so people can share your content through the links. 

Also, links are an essential ranking factor in SEO that can help your content to rank on top of Google. Moreover, you will get a backlink easily if your blog or article has been written appropriately with reliable information.   

11. Role of Content in Social Media

Along with SEO, the content is also important for social media. The content is not only added on websites but also on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you need to write taglines, and one-liners that provide overview information of a particular organisation. 

All in all, there is a great balance between content writing and SEO that helps to engage the audience towards your website. By using some quality techniques, you can get high traffic on your website. 

If you need more SEO content writing tips, post your comment now!. 

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